Coworking in Dallas

Coworking in Dallas has literally never been better. Our Publishing & Coworking facility places a large amount of emphasis on collaboration. We strive to bring independent developers together, and we encourage them to take part in mutually beneficial activities. When you rent our Coworking space, you’re not just renting a boring desk. You’re renting access to some of the greatest minds in the indie game development community. We’ve watched our Coworking environment lead to industry innovation, and we’ve seen people create friendships that would have never been possible without us.

Our Coworking space is designed to help co-workers feel connected. Our open floor plans ensure that you never feel as if you’re trapped in an enclosed space, and they allow you fully view everything and everyone around you. Our environment doesn’t force you to duck between cubicle walls, traverse hallways, or do anything else that impedes the collaboration process. 

Our offices attract the brightest indie developers in the business. So, there’s always someone new to meet, and there’s always someone new to learn from. To make it easy to communicate, we have an arrangement of public tables and comfortable seating. This allows groups of people to engage with each other seamlessly, and it helps to encourage collaboration among co-workers. 

If you’re not fond of sharing your immediate space with others, you can rent one of our dedicated desks, or you can rent an entire office for yourself. That ensures that even the least social individuals can make use of our facilities comfortably. 

Our Coworking facility is outfitted with a kitchen, too. So, you don’t have to worry about packing specific meals for your breaks. You’re free to use our kitchen as your own. 

To top it all off, we frequently hold events that give you the opportunity to push your creative abilities to their limits, and we engage with the media frequently. You can test your limits in a game design contest, and you can gain exposure for your work through our many media opportunities.