Challenge: A Game A Month

A Game A Month

A Challenge to Create and Inspire

   by Matthew J Pearson

This is an exercise and challenge to spark creativity and rapidly prototype new ideas.

This can be applied to many different projects, from graphic design, to web production to music. For my challenge I have chosen to pick game design and development.

Why would you want to create a game of month? Have you been in a creative slump? Have you taken a break from game design and want to get back on track? Are you just starting? Are you up for a challenge?

Whatever your reason for doing a challenge like this there are several benefits to it. You can always improve and sharpen your Design and Development Skills, get used to making projects you are not attached to so you can learn to let go and move on to the next project, get out a bunch of bad ideas, to learn new things and improve your workflow.

The Differences between normal structured game design and rapid prototyping:

Structured Game Design

You already have an idea, now you are chiseling down to the core and polishing it out.

You iterate on concepts that work and have a good direction on where you’re going.

You are making something for someone else to see and have expectations of a reaction.

You want it to be the best it can be.

Rapid Prototyping:

You just throw whatever idea you have into the design machine.

You iterate until it works, it does not have to be good or have a direction.

You are making something to get better, and to get things out, not for a positive reaction.

You want it to exist.

A Simple One Page Design Document

Start with a project that has a small scope

If it can’t fit on a single page, maybe it’s too big?

Make sure you exercise something meaningful in the project.


– New ways to Design a Level

– Approaching old ideas with a new angle

– New Art Style

– Solidifying a New WorkFlow

Setting a Goal and a Deadline

My goal is to have 12 levels finished and playable by the end of the month. I have taken this challenge a step further and set out to do this for the rest of the year. So a game a month for the rest of the year, can it be done? We shall see. Now I challenge you do create one project a month. Get cracking!


To get in touch with Matt, you can message him online using his handle (@mjp) in the NōD Coworking Slack channel.



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