Indie Game Publishing

We’re so passionate about games, and we encourage independent developers to pitch us their ideas. If we like an idea, we’ll publish and support a game during, and after it’s development.

Publishing through us offers many benefits that you just can’t get from other companies.

Room To Work

Our Coworking facility doesn’t just help developers who are publishing through us. It functions as a 24-hour work environment for any and all teams! You’ll enjoy tons of the great benefits available to our Publishing clients, and you can rent meeting rooms to help you bring your team together.


Having five years worth of service under our belts has taught us a thing or two about marketing, and we’re ready to offer our marketing services to the teams that want us to publish their games. Marketing is difficult. That’s especially true for anyone in the independent development industry. We can make the process a lot easier, and we can handle the bulk of your marketing needs. 


We’re not a low-budget company. We can afford to fund your dreams if we accept your pitch. It’s not common that indie developers have all of the funds they need to pay for their projects themselves. We can help you with a lot of the funding necessary to make your dreams a reality. 

Job Placements

The game development industry is a competitive one. It helps to have someone vouching for you when you go to get the job of your dreams. Luckily, NōD can be that saving grace. We have contacts across the industry, and we even have jobs available at our own company. When you decide to work with us, we can give you the boost that you need to outshine the thousands of other developers fighting for a job in game design. 


Sometimes, the only thing keeping you from being successful in the gaming industry is a lack of help. We can provide the help that you need to become a successful independent game developer. We’re passionate about gaming, and we have years of experience in the field. If there’s anything that you’re doing wrong, we can pinpoint the issue, and we can get you on the track to success. All you have to do is ask for our consulting services.