Collaboration & Partnerships


1UpOnCancer is a gaming community-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to direct financial assistance for adults in the United States undergoing cancer treatment.


At Ommo, we're building a natural interaction technology that makes computing more human and effortless. Our two-part system consists of a mobile magnetic field generator that creates a spherical tracking zone, and off-the-shelf sensors that can be embedded into any object to provide 6DOF tracking.

Build Your Game

Building a game is no easy feat, from development to art, game development is a journey.


GAMEBIN.tv is an online, interactive, and ad-free game design & development course and training material.

Game Dev Deconstructed

GDD is a podcast exploring the process of game development providing you with an in-depth, tactical blueprint for navigating the game’s industry.


Pixel Noise is a team of two professional musicians, long time friends, and life long gamers. With more than 10 years of school and 5 degrees between the two, they are comfortable composing for any genre and idiom.

Help Marketing

Some people and organizations that can help you get your games, platforms, software, and businesses off the ground.

Dallas Society of Play

Society Of Play is a great resource for hobbyists and professionals looking to embark on the exciting journey of game creation!