NoD Coworking Member Profile: Nick C.

Nick Culbertson is the founder of Moby Pixel, a company that has created mobile games for Apple devices including the Apple TV and iPad since 2010. With a background in music, Culbertson wanted to design a game built around harmony and rhythm that integrated well with the Apple TV’s minimalist controls. The result was Epic Orchestra, a swipe-based game in which the player controls a pixelated Maestro conducting his orchestra through the works of various real-world composers. The game was well-received, being featured on the App Store during the WWDC 2016 conference.

During the development of his latest game, Culbertson used many of the resources at NōD to further the project. Between a chance to stay focused while being out of the house, and also a community of people familiar with app-development, Culbertson thinks that his studio is much more productive at NōD than it would be otherwise. Culbertson is currently developing a version of Epic Orchestra for iOS which he hopes to launch by the end of the Summer.

Author Bio: John Novakovich is an incoming Freshman at Northwestern University with plans to study Economics and start his own business.



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