Pledge of Neutrality


On behalf of NoD, I, Chirag Gupta, pledge to maintain a neutral stance on gender, race, religion, age, or any other demographic factor that would exclude an individual or group of individuals from participating in an activity within our community.


Neutral – demonstrating no favor or advantage to any demographic characteristic.

Exclusive – restricting or limiting membership to specific demographic characteristics.

Channel – any medium for the communication or passage of information.

Public Space – A space that is openly accessible to members of your community by any of their five senses.

Private Space – A space that is not accessible without membership or payment.


To create neutral environments and contexts within our communities where all are always welcome.



All groups have a right to meet and organize, whether they exclude people or not.


The intent of this pledge is to ensure that non-neutral groups (and exclusive by nature) do not use the public channels or resources of all-inclusive groups to promote or host their activities.

This pledge leaves open the right of exclusive groups to meet at neutral locations, provided that the spaces they meet in are designated as private and that the activities they participate in not be promoted through neutral channels.


Behavioral factors for exclusion – The goal of this pledge is to give every individual a fair chance to be included in the activities of the community. If the past or present behavior of that individual is considered to be disruptive or harmful to the community, then that behavior is considered a reasonable reason to exclude that individual and still be considered neutral.


Private events held in public spaces – Sometimes the member size of an exclusive group demands larger meeting spaces. As such the public space of your community may be the only space large enough to hold such a gathering. In such cases, it would be appropriate for the neutral location to restrict access to this public space and designate it as private during the event. Furthermore, it would directly conflict with this pledge to use neutral channels to promote attendance of these types of events.


Private events held in private spaces – Any private space inside a community should be private as soon as the people inside the room shut the door to the public space. Therefore any intrusion to their privacy must be considered a serious offense, justifiable only by emergency or evidence-backed suspicion of breaking an agreement with the community or the law. The appropriate way to enter a private space in your community unannounced is to announce yourself and apologize for the intrusion of the group’s privacy.


In short, it is not appropriate to use public channels to promote events which violate this pledge of neutrality.


Name of Individual: Chirag Gupta

Name of Community: NoD

Role in Community: Community Leader

Signed March 21, 2015




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