NōD — Private Offices & Suites, Event Space

NōD Private Offices & Suites, Event Space

An exciting and productive place to grow your company, large and small.


NōD Indie Game Publishing

We’re re-doing our whole website at the moment, so please bear with us. If you need to reach us urgently with any questions please call/text Chirag at 214 497 7771. Tours are available on walk-in basis Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM at 17290 Preston Road (3rd Floor).

1. NōD, Making Games and Connections

NōD is a well-respected Dallas indie game publishing company, and we offer Coworking opportunities for everyone. We have ample space for groups of independent workers to tackle their projects in an environment that is conducive to productive work. We offer our clients a cubicle-free work environment with open floor plans and large tables. This is a home for creative minds, and nothing helps boost creativity and provide inspiration more than being able to work alongside other great minds.

2. A Step above the Rest

Give your team the space that they need to bring the industry’s next big thing to fruition. NōD Indie Game Publishing & Coworking offices have the resources you need to bring your creations into the hands of players. If you want or need a more private setting to work on your craft, we offer private desks, and we even offer office space to truly separate you from the rest of our clients. At NōD, you can work the way that you want to. 

3. All of the Amenities Your Team Needs

You can’t work on the next great gaming title without internet and energy. That’s why our location is fully-equipped with high-speed internet access, and we provide our clients with fresh coffee to help them get through those tiring work sessions.

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